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Poinsett County Standoff


At 10:04 am the Poinsett County Sheriff's Dispatch Center received a public service call in reference to a noise complaint on Dawson Lane near Harrisburg. Deputies responded and learned that the person later identified as Joseph Wilson (57 YOA) had been playing loud music and discharging a firearm outside the residence. Deputies attempted to make contact with Wilson and saw a large number of spent handgun cartridges near the residence. Deputies tried to speak to Wilson through a window but Wilson closed the window after just saying a few words. Wilson later threw a box of ammo out of the house into the middle of the street. Communication with Wilson was attempted again, but he was unresponsive.  A search warrant was obtained for the residence and an arrest warrant for Mr. Wilson. Sheriff Molder requested assistance from the Craighead County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team for apprehending Wilson. He was taken into custody without incident and is currently being charged with Felony Aggravated Assault. The Poinsett County Sheriff's Office is appreciative of Craighead Counties' quick response and assistance.