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Explosives Investigation



Poinsett County Sheriff's Office

Contact: Sheriff Kevin Molder

For More Information: (870) 578-5411 or

(03/01/2023, Poinsett County, Arkansas)

Explosives Investigation

The Poinsett County Sheriff's Office, 2nd Judicial Drug Task Force, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Harrisburg Police Department, and the Arkansas State Police are investigating a crime involving suspicious activities with explosives. A juvenile has been arrested and is currently held in a Juvenile Detention Facility. They are charged with Criminal Acts Involving Explosives.

The juvenile was arrested at Harrisburg High School. The student was NOT in possession of explosives at the school. A Search Warrant was executed at the student's residence.

Students at the Harrisburg School District were/are NOT in danger. The Harrisburg School District, Poinsett County Sheriff's Office, and the Harrisburg Police Department worked closely together to make sure everyone was safe. All school safety protocols were followed by the school and law enforcement. The juvenile was taken in to custody without incident.

We are unable to release any other information at this time due to the ongoing investigation. We will release it as it becomes available.

Sheriff Kevin Molder