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Collector’s Office

Poinsett County Courthouse


Pamela Harper

Chief Deputy Collector

Pam has worked for Poinsett County for a total of 22 years. She worked in the Assessor’s Office from 1995-2008 and then moved to the Collector’s Office from 2008-present.

Donna Worley

Deputy Collector

Donna has worked for Poinsett County for a total of 22 years, all of which have been in the Collector’s Office.

Kay Salter

Part-time Deputy

Kay has worked for Poinsett County for 3 years. 

In the Collector’s Office we collect taxes for the county, school, and improvement districts. The taxes collected are turned over to the County Treasurer on a monthly basis for distribution to the taxing entities. These taxes are payable from March 1 through October 15 during the calendar year after the year of assessment. Any real or personal taxes not paid by October 15 are considered delinquent and the collector extends a 10% penalty against the taxpayer (ACA 26-35-501). WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS FOR DELINQUENT TAXES

Before December 1st of each year, the collector of taxes shall prepare a list of delinquent personal property and real estate taxes and deliver a copy of the list to a legal newspaper in the county. 

How do I pay taxes? 

Following are some methods for paying county taxes:

  •     By  mail : Poinsett County Collector 401 Market St. Harrisburg, AR  72432
  •     In person : Poinsett County Courthouse 401 Market St. Harrisburg, AR 72432 Main Floor

Open M-F  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Online payment is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The self-explanatory step-by-step process is now accepting payment by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, as well as Electronic Check for taxpayer convenience. A  FEE IS CHARGED by the service provider. Poinsett County does NOT receive any portion of this fee. Processing of credit/debit cards and e-check payments may take up to 7 days to post to your account.

Did you know we accept installment payments?

For current taxes only, you can mail payments for any amount, whenever you want, March 1st thru October 15th. We cannot accept debit/credit cards for partial payments.

State Land Commissioner  :