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Crime Tips & Prevention

Scam artwork

Imagine sitting at home watching television or enjoying time with your family and you receive a call on your phone. The call is not from a friend or family member, but from a person saying you have won a million dollars or you have a warrant for unpaid taxes. Unfortunately, these calls are scams and becoming more common than ever before. The link below will take you to the Arkansas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Page to learn more about the current scams being reported.

If you ever have any questions about whether or not someone is scamming you, please call us. It is best that you never give out any of your information over the phone and call us immediately.


For a crime to occur, an opportunity has to exist and a motivated criminal has to be present. Help prevent crime by taking informed steps to make your neighborhood, business, and family safe and resistant to crime and unattractive to criminals.
At Home

Lock all doors, even if you are at home.

If you are leaving for vacation, make sure your house doesn’t look empty. Make it look like it is lived in. Activate timers for light switches, and order a temporary hold to newspaper and mail delivery, or ask a trusted neighbor or friend to pick up items delivered to your home daily.
Identity Theft

Do not throw away papers that have your personal information on them without tearing or shredding them.

Guard your mail from being stolen. Remove mail from your box shortly after it has been delivered.

Vehicle's and ATV's

Lock your vehicle doors at all times. Most of the time, criminals will pass your vehicle and go to the next one if it is locked. Typically, criminals who break in vehicles at night do not want to make a lot of noise. Thus, they will seek out unlocked cars for easy access.

Do not leave the keys in your vehicle or ATV. If possible, keep your ATV in a secure location.

Keep Kids Safe

Warn children about “stranger danger”

Know who your kids are talking to on social networks such as Facebook.